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The experience we had yesterday is something that I will never ever forget, we met people with different needs, these people may have disease that others are afraid of but that doesn’t mean they are not allowed to live like normal people, that we should stay away from them and treat them like they have incurable disease, THAT’S ABSURD!!! before I met them I honestly had this thinking of ‘isn’t that communicable?’ But after our conversation (plus the lecture given by some nurses/doctors) I learned that it IS NOT contagious, that we should not apart ourselves to people like them, in fact they are having their medications just to be a normal person they were before having the disease. (Just to CLARIFY PEOPLE, THE PATIENTS I MET ARE CURED WHILE SOME ARE STILL ON THE PROCESS. IT IS REALLY NOT TRANSMISSIBLE when a patient gets proper medication—just like what they have) I feel so sad knowing that no one is with them nor visit them they really are longing for someone to talk to and I feel so blessed to meet people like Ka Allen, Nanay Bibinciana, Nanay Luz, they taught something that I can’t learn even in school though we had just a day with them (the life lessons I learned I mean) they really are strong person. The time when we need to go Nanay bibinciana said “WAG NA LANG KAYO UMALIS PARA MAY KAUSAP AKO” I feel like crying, it really breaks my heart I know she wanted us to stay but we can’t, I realized that they don’t need extravagant present our/your presence is more than enough (I’m not writing to brag this and that I just want to express my feelings I don’t like to have emotional constipation hahaha) and if given a chance I’ll definitely return and bond again with them. Thank you lord for letting me meet these awesome people. #FeelingReal #100daysofhappinesschallenge #Day21 #100she @alouveyouso

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